"Swan Lake Horse Park is a newly founded, top of the line, miniature horse breeding facility. 
We have looked for all of the best and most sought after lines in the breed. We strive to produce quality foals that will be able to compete at the highest levels and that will add substance to the breed.
 Our breeding program is truly second to none. We have acquired stallions that are an asset to the breed. We currently own,
                             Alvadars Double Destiny (syndicate owned),  Martin Boozers Afterdark,
                        Lucky Four Rangers Imperial(one of the last living sons of Roan Ranger),and
                                                 KSB Thunderbays Crowned King.
 Of course the broodmares are the backbone of our breeding program. We have mares that are from the best of pedigrees with only the best conformation. We have mares that have proven themselves in the show ring, and mares that have exceptional conformation and that continue to prove themselves in the
breeding shed."        
                                                          You may reach us at
                                                              e mail us at
                                Adam Piovarchy

                                Meredith Boettner

                                                          Adam Piovarchy



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